Cohesion Plus have kicked off this year’s Saint George’s Day celebrations in partnership with Kent Equality Cohesion Council and Dartford Borough Council with a film rendition of well-known patriotic poem Jerusalem by William Blake which will be shared online in the lead up to the celebrations on Monday 23rd April.

The film features local business owners, sports club members and residents and was shot in and around local landmarks. The film is a tribute to the diverse communities of Dartford and showcases the boroughs natural beauty. It’s been released to promote this year’s St George’s Day celebrations which will see 7 schools up to 600 local schoolchildren participate in a colourful parade alongside musicians and street performers. The parade will begin at the Civic Centre and climax at Central Park.

Cohesion Plus’s Artistic Director Gurvinder Sandher said “We have had the privilege of organising the Saint George’s Day festivities for many years working in partnership with Dartford Borough Council and Arts Council England and I am incredibly proud of how the public have embraced the event. The event only stands to get bigger and better which is wonderful as I believe that Saint George’s Day is an excellent example of how communities can be brought together to celebrate and stand unified. “

Council Leader Jeremy Kite said “I know that not all councils celebrate St Georges Day with the enthusiasm that we do but we’re proud and delighted to do it. England’s national day isn’t just about recognising our history and heritage but a real celebration of who we are today. Dartford is a vibrant, diverse town and it doesn’t matter whether you are a born and bred Dartfordian or if your life’s journey has brought you to our town. We are part of one big community and we want everyone to be part of our great future. Happy St George’s Day to Dartfordians everywhere.”