We are delighted to have added 2 additional acts to the Gravesend Community Mela Festival taking place on July 14 at the Riverside Leisure Area.

Alexander Bullen who will be opening the event is an up an coming local singer who was recently awarded a Triangle Award for Gravesham, Sevenoaks and Dartford by Kent Youth Service for her outstanding talent. Click on the link below to hear her sing; this youtube video has already had nearly 150,000 hits since being uploaded

Shin Cobra

Fans of 80’s bhangra will remember that Shin was the lead singer / founder of East London’s most popular premier Bhangra band “Cobra”.
The band went on to release 3 albums. The band toured across the UK & Europe alongside great legendary bhangra bands such as Malkit Singh, Heera, Apna Sangeet, Alaap, DCS, Premi, Azaad, Chirag Peachan and Holle Holle. Shin has now returned to the bhangra industry as a solo artist “Shin Cobra”
Click on the link below to hear Shin’s new single‘’Pind Diyan Boliyan’’ which was released in June 2012.